Thursday, 10 January 2019

Book challenges for 2019

I love the idea of book challenges but I always seem to run out of puff and get side-tracked with books not related to any of my challenges.  But I continue to do them with great enthusiasm, and I love the whole process at the beginning of the year thinking about them, choosing books for them sorting through my bookshelves looking for elusive books that I know I have.  Its not easy keeping on track and this year I seem to have gone overboard with the amount of challenges I have signed up to... you cant fault me for my ambition in this regards at least.

I try to do challenges that will challenge but that also the books I read might fall into multiple challenges.... doesnt always work... but when it does its great.

This year I have signed up to:

The Historical Fiction Challenge: which I have done for a number of years now and always really enjoy it... I always read historical fiction so its a no-brainer for me but I do try and increase the number of books in the genre that I read each year.

I've committed to the Medieval level, which is 15 books....

World at War Reading Challenge: this is a new challenge for me. My reason for joining is that I want to read WW1 fiction and non-fiction this year as I have alot on my bookshelves that I need to read.

It is set out as a 'bingo' challenge and I hope I can get at least one bingo, if not two.  The categories are:

Any book published 1914-1918
_ Any book published 1918-1924
_ Any book published 1925-1930
_ Any book published 1931-1938
_ Any book published 1939-1945
_ A nonfiction book about World War I
_ A nonfiction book about 1910s and 20s
_ A nonfiction book about 1920s and 30s
_ A nonfiction book about 1930s
_ A nonfiction book about World War II
_ A fiction book set during World War I
_ A fiction book set 1918-1924
_ A fiction book set in the 1920s
_ A fiction book set in the 1930s
_ A fiction book set during World War II
_ A book set in the United States or Canada
_ A book set in England, Ireland, or Scotland
_ A book set in Europe
_ A book set in Asia or Middle East
_ A book set elsewhere (a country/continent not already read for the challenge)
_ A book focused on "the war"
_ A book focused on "the homefront"
_ Watch any movie released in 1940s
_ Watch any movie released in the 1930s
_ Watch any movie about either war 

 Reading Women Challenge:  I posted about this in December. I have not set my list as yet and may not do so and just go along and see what I fancy throughout the year.

Read Scotland:  this will be the 6th or 7th year I have participated in this challenge and I have never quite reached my goal... this will be the year that I do..  The idea is that you read books by Scottish authors, set in Scotland or about Scotland.  I have signed up to the 'Robert Burns' level which is 6-10 books. Last year I read 5 so I am not far off. I love to read about Scotland, we lived there for 4 years and my husband is Scottish so there are lots of connections that I have.  I first fell in love with it by reading Lillian Beckwith books in my late teens and early 20's I hope to revisit some of her earlier books this year.

European Reading Challenge: I am doing this one again this year.. signed up for the Honeymooner level - 5 books from 5 different countries - can be fiction, non-fiction, travel etc. I'm already on country number 2 now, so I should be able to complete this challenge.

Victorian Reading Challenge:  Again I am signed up to this one as I failed miserably last year.... again I am going to do the bingo challenge option.  I need to read 5 Victorian books this year... its an area of literature that I am lacking in so hopefully I can read some.

Australian Women Writers Challenge:  again I am joining in the fun of this and trying to read more books by Australian women writers... last year I managed 10 books in this category so here's hoping I can trump that number this year.

Back to the Classics:   I've done this for a couple of years now. This year I have chosen just 4 categories to read from so as to not overwhelm myself...
Classic by a Women Author -Miles Franklin - My Brilliant Career
Classic from Americas - Willa Cather novel
20th Century classic - Virginia Woolf novel
Place you have Lived Classic - Scotland - not sure what book yet

The Backlist Reader Challenge:  This is a new one for me as well and I hope alot of my other reading will also fall into this category...

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  1. Thanks for joining the 2019 European Reading Challenge. Welcome back!