Thursday, 14 January 2016

Book challenges for 2016 and beyond...

To help me get through my very large pile of to-be-read books and just for fun, I have signed up for a number of reading challenges for 2016

I love to read Historical Fiction so I am setting myself the challenge to read more from this genre this year.  I have loads on my pile as well as a list I want to borrow from the library.  I am going for the Renaissance Reader level - 10 books for this one.

The Read Scotland challenge is to read books: set in Scotland or written by a Scottish writer. I have chosen The Highlander level (6-10 books) which should be doable.  Having lived in Scotland for 4 years and married to a Scot for 22 years I have lots and lots fiction and non-fiction books on Scotland so have a good selection to choose from.

I read a lot of non-fiction books so thought this was a rather apt challenge for this year.  I want to concentrate on women's non-fiction (either by or about women), in particular a number of autobiographies that I have accumulating dust on my bookshelves.  I am going for the Master level (16-20 books) which I should be able make.

The Classics Club challenge is a more long term challenge.  I will list at least 50 classic books that I want to read and give myself 5 years to read my way through them. I will create a tab at the top of the blog with my list of books for this challenge.... I suspect the list will be more than 50 books long... there is alot to read out there!

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