Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Welcome and hello....

This is a new venture for me in 2015.  I have been thinking about setting up a blog for some time and decided that this year was my year to do something new.  So here we are...

This blog will be about the things that are happening in my life, things I am stitching away at, books I am reading, trips I am taking, movies that I am watching, homemaking that I am doing.

Jenny from Elefantz inspired me to take this on (  She is having a Year of Gentle Domesticity and I thought that summed up what I would like to do... go back to basics and start to do and enjoy all those home centered projects again.  The past few years have been abit crazy and I would now like to start to refocus my life on some new and some old adventures.  And in doing this to try and bring back some positivity into my life and reignite some long lost dreams and aspirations.

I dont promise to be posting here lots and lots but I do hope to be able to share photos and ideas and thoughts with you all... if you choose to follow along.

I am looking forward to the challenge..



  1. Hi Alex, it looks like you are about to embark on a fun journey with blogging, you will find a group of new friends - cyber friends and maybe some closer to home.

  2. Hi Susan, Thanks for visiting. I am looking forward to a year of making new crafty friends and telling some quilty/crafty stories of my journey.

  3. blogging is so much more fun doing then watching.........welcome to blogland and I look forward to see what things you sew/share on your blog......welcome to the SAL...........I see you got the blog button on the sidebar...........I have a page on the top on my blog with links......."how to ....Help bits"

    1. Hi Chooky... yes I eventually worked it out... was thinking it was more difficult than it was! Bit of a learning curve but I am getting there....