Sunday, 18 January 2015

English Paper Piecing (EPP)

I started hand piecing a hexagon quilt about 10 years ago... I'm still doing it!  Its one of those long-term projects that gets picked up and put down regularly.  I was inspired by some Grandmother's Flower garden quilts I had seen online so the blocks are made up of a yellow center, a circle of 6 darker fabrics and another circle of 12 lighter fabrics.  These blocks are then to be separated by a row of white hexagons.  All of these have been hand tacked and hand pieced, the size of the hexagon is about 1 3/4" - this is likely to be the only quilt I make that is hand pieced. 

I am not sure how many flowers I have made so far... below are the finished flower blocks I have done - 1 with the white surround.

Complete hexagon flowers ready to piece together

I have many more in various stages of construction and lots of fabric cut and hexagons tacked.  No fabric has been repeated, so each flower is different.

Half finished hexagon flowers
Box of hexagons in various stages
Close up of a complete hexagon
I have also been working on some smaller hexagons over the weekend.  These are for a small round-robin I have been involved it.  These measure about 1/2-3/4" - so quite small.  I now have to sew these onto the next boarder and do some embroidery... I think they are looking great - love the colours of these small flowers.

I have been thinking of doing some different types of EPP - I am particularly inspired by the fussy cutting of fabrics for the Lucy Boston blocks that are quite popular at the moment. Think I might have a go at these sometime soon... but back to some of these unfinished BOM.  2015 is the year of trying to complete some of these... 


  1. I made a hexie quilt for my daughter many years ago - it took me 7 years to complete it. I love hexies and hand piecing but have them all on hold while I try to reduce the UFO pile!

    1. I think this will be the only hand pieced quilt I make.... it is taking a long long time.... but I am enjoying the process and love finding fabrics to go with it.

  2. Hi Alexandra, welcome to blogging! I came to yours from the Stitch-A-Long blog...
    Oh you're a woman who shares an interest of mine... I love to do EPP too, & I'm going to be doing more of it this year than I managed last year...
    I'm sure you'll find blogging to be fun, you'll make some great cyber-friends, & real ones too... plus find lots of inspiration...

    My brother lives in Cairns but I've never been there... one day maybe...
    Bye for now!

    1. Hi Anthea, You'll have to make a trip to Cairns to visit your brother... just dont come until the dry season... you'll melt like a snowman at the moment. Very hot and humid! I hope to do some more EPP this year as well.. have seen some lovely things on blogs lately.. very inspirational.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Susan, yes I love the look as well and want to make some smaller things with hexagons this year - pincushions and needlecases for my market stall.